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Why This Gym?

We at Cutting Edge Fitness realize you have many choices available when it comes to
fitness and it can be difficult to make a decision concerning who is really going to
help you reach your specific goals, of weight loss, muscle gain or improved sports

We believe we have the best personal training and CrossFit based fitness facility in
West Nashville with the most cutting edge training methods and a clean, comfortable
and very well equipped facility. We also offer many things other gyms don’t offer,
such as our dedication to functional compound movements that will improve every
aspect of your fitness as well as sharing the latest research in sports nutrition.
In addition, our highly challenging CrossFit programs are based on improving the
activities in your life such as running, golfing, biking or any of the other sports
you might participate in as part of your life. Not to mention completely
transforming your body aesthetically through weight loss and muscle building.

But we also feel that talk is cheap and every owner will tell you that he or
she is proud of the gyms they own, and that member results are very important to
them. Improving fitness and losing weight is all about change isn’t it,
adaptation to a workout that results in physical changes? If that’s the case let our
results and the testimonials do all the talking for us.

Get started today on your quest for a healthier lifestyle. To schedule your free intro call 615-202-6800


7103 Highway 70 S Ste B
Nashville, TN 37221-2902